Question:  Does AA need a new pamphlet for atheist and agnostic members? 

The Delegate’s 2018 Questionnaire

Our Delegate, John W, has selected 8 Questions from the General Service Conference’s full agenda. These items are ones he most wants our Area’s conscience on.

Question 4 is of particular interest to our group members:

Consider request for the development of a pamphlet for atheist and agnostic members.

Background/focus – Some feel “Many Pathways to Spirituality” doesn’t sufficiently address the needs of AA members who identify as atheist, agnostic or freethinker. Should there be a new, more targeted pamphlet? If so, does the pamphlet “The God Word” published by Great Britain’s General Service Office meet those needs?

See a PDF version of the Delegate’s Questionnaire for details on other items.

All group members are encouraged to attend the Delegate’s Day Of Sharing which is being held on 3/3/18.  View event info here.  This is one of the most important service events in A.A. , and is devoted entirely to the Delegate’s Questionnaire. Presentations will be made on each question, providing the background on why the question is on General Service Conference’s agenda in April.

As the GSR, I have been asked to bring the Delegate’s Questionnaire to our group, facilitate a discussion, and deliver our group’s conscience to our Delegate, John W., before he goes to the General Service Conference.

After the Delegate’s Day of Sharing on March 3rd, we have five weeks — until April 8th — to submit our group’s conscience to him in advance of April’s General Service Conference.