Secular AA literature – available for free

A Collection of Alternative Steps, published on the AA Agnostica website

The God Word, now approved and published by AA World Services (GSO)


Books – available for purchase online at popular retailers.

Staying Sober Without God, Jeffrey Munn (practical 12 steps)

Understanding the Twelve Steps, Terence Gorski

Twelve Secular Steps, Bill W.

One Big Tent,  Atheist and agnostic AA members share their experience strength and hope.  Available for purchase from AA Grapevine

Common Sense Recovery: An Atheist’s Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous, Adam N

The Five Keys:  12 Step Recovery Without A God, Archer Voxx

An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA – for Newcomers, Vince Hawkins

A Skeptic’s Guide to the 12 Steps, Phillip Z

Daily Reprieve: AA for Atheists & Agnostics, Alex M. (daily reflections)

Practice These Principles: Daily Meditations on 12 Step Principles, Alex M

Design For Living: Daily Meditations on the 12 Steps for Atheists and Agnostics, Alex M

A Secular Sobriety, Dale K.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Universal Edition, Archer Voxx

The Alternative 12 Steps:  A Secular Guide to Recovery, Martha Clevelend

A Freethinker in Alcoholics Anonymous, John Lauritsen

Do Tell!  Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AA, Roger C.

Don’t Tell: Stories and Essays by Agnostics and Atheists in AA , Roger C.

A History of Agnostics in AA, Roger C

Beyond Belief:  Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life, Joe C.  (Daily Meditations)

Not God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous, Ernest Kurtz

Waiting: A Non –Believers Higher Power, Marya Hornbacher


This listing of resources is not sanctioned or approved by the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous