Secular AA literature – available for free

A Collection of Alternative Steps, published on the AA Agnostica website

The God Word, now approved and published by AA World Services (GSO)


Books – available for purchase online at popular retailers.

One Big Tent,  Atheist and agnostic AA members share their experience strength and hope.  Available for purchase from AA Grapevine

Common Sense Recovery: An Atheist’s Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous, Adam N

The Five Keys:  12 Step Recovery Without A God, Archer Voxx

An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA – for Newcomers, Vince Hawkins

A Skeptic’s Guide to the 12 Steps, Phillip Z

Daily Reprieve: AA for Atheists & Agnostics, Alex M. (daily reflections)

A Secular Sobriety, Dale K.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Universal Edition, Archer Voxx

The Alternative 12 Steps:  A Secular Guide to Recovery, Martha Clevelend

A Freethinker in Alcoholics Anonymous, John Lauritsen

Do Tell!  Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AA, Roger C.

Don’t Tell: Stories and Essays by Agnostics and Atheists in AA , Roger C.

A History of Agnostics in AA, Roger C

Beyond Belief:  Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life, Joe C.  (Daily Meditations)

Not God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous, Ernest Kurtz

Waiting: A Non –Believers Higher Power, Marya Hornbacher


This listing of resources is not sanctioned or approved by the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous