The 3rd Step Prayer for Atheists *

(or The Non-Prayer 3rd Step)

I commit myself to a set of principles, for my ongoing sobriety and my growth.

I am now open to accepting whatever life brings me, as I know that through living by AA’s principles of love, tolerance, service and sobriety, every day is a chance to do and be better for myself and towards others.

I will continually turn away from self obsession and self involvement, and rather, in a healthy and balanced way, focus on how I can be of service to whomever I meet, wherever I am and however I can.

I affirm that walking this sober path of service will transform what appear to be difficulties into opportunities; opportunities to help others, to embrace humility and to try to bring a little harmony to my corner of the world.

In so doing I demonstrate to others and myself that this is a real and vital commitment, and a way of living which will ensure my sobriety and my ongoing growth out of addiction and into a rich new way of being.

May I live this commitment today and every day.

* Source:  Retrieved from Mr. SponsorPants